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Comment allez-vous?
(How are you?)

French English
  Comment allez-vous?
   How are you? (formal)
  Comment vas-tu?
   How are you? (informal)
  Ça va?
   How's it going? (informal)
  Comment ça va?
   How's it going? (informal) (alternative)
  Ça va bien?
   Is it going well? (informal)
  Vous allez bien?
   Are you well? (formal)
  Tu vas bien?
   Are you well? (informal)
  très bien merci
   very well thank you
  je vais bien
   I am well
  ça va
   I'm fine / it's going well
  pas mal
   not bad
  ça va mal
   I'm not doing so well / it's not going well
  Et vous?
   And you? (formal)
  Et toi?
   And you? (informal)